Head Office
Head Office
+92 42-351-33339 info@multiplierz.com 33-A Commercial, Sector-E, Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 304 111-2004 info@multiplierz.com Service Road West. Sohan Interchange. Islamabad Expressway. Islamabad.
+92 300-313-1488 info@multiplierz.com Main Jaranwala Road, Hamayoon Town, Near Canal Bridge, Faisalabad
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The Three Ps: Profile | Product | Premium

Any seasoned business person knows the value of the Three Ps: the Profile, the Product and the Premium.

The Profile

Our profile answers every question that a potential client, realtor and end user may have in his or her mind.

  • Who owns the project?
  • Do they have done similar work before?
  • Did they do it on time?
  • What is their financial worth?
  • Will my investment fetch my expected returns?
The Product

Best in its category, our each project is carefully selected and developed keeping in mind requirements of all user groups.

Our Product Line is:

  • Profitable for the investor;
  • Sellable for the dealer and
  • Carries dwelling value for final residents or occupants of the place.
The Premium

Premium represents value for one’s resources invested in a project. This can be in a form of cash flows or in the form of remuneration from ones efforts.

  • For Investors: we offer the best ROR in the market.
  • For Realtors: our premium percentage is the best and highly attractive with the inventory mix put on their tables.
  • For End User: our products have the best rental and dwelling value and quality of life.