Head Office
Head Office
+92 42-351-33339 info@multiplierz.com 33-A Commercial, Sector-E, Bahria Town, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 304 111-2004 info@multiplierz.com Service Road West. Sohan Interchange. Islamabad Expressway. Islamabad.
+92 300-313-1488 info@multiplierz.com Main Jaranwala Road, Hamayoon Town, Near Canal Bridge, Faisalabad
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Your Lifestyle / Quality of Dwelling

Where we live or work impacts directly our quality of living, rather it is our quality of living or dwelling. 


Security from outsiders, intruders and protection of assets.

Environmental Hygiene

Environmental hygiene: clean and green premises.


Uninterrupted supply of energy


Presence of amenities like shops, health care, mosques, park etc.

Ease of Living

Ease of living like passenger and cargo lifts, fitness clubs, recreation, food courts etc.

MULTiPLIERZ has delivered the best dwelling (living or working) places for its end users including above all. By keeping management of premises in its control we ensure that our end users get mental comfort they deserve.